Multiple Lectures Lectures notes taken during multiple classes. HUGE focus on power relations + subjectivity.

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Visual Culture and Communication
John Ricco

VCC304 Visual Culture and the Construction of Identity Lecture Notes Wednesday September0810 Ellen Degeneres Here and Now monologueWe are all gay o One is presumed to be straight until otherwise said Concept of Marked and Unmarked subjectWednesday September2910 Where does identity come fromWhat is it made ofButlerRelationship bt body subjectivity and identity o How they are attached o SubjectivityWho is this body o IdentityWhat is this body that says and answers to WhoAs if assigning a name to this subject o What is being constructed o CoextensiveAs the bodies exist they coexist with one anotherIn order for one to exist all must exist o Where do all of these come fromTheorological and creationistsGodConstructivist o Spatiality and materiality of a subjects identitySocially deterministic o All comes from social forcesAs if we played no role in the subjectVolunteristic o Everything is controlled by the user o You have total agency o Selfdetermined o Opposite of socially deterministicMaterializationProcess of materializing
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