WGS200Y5 Lecture Notes - First Nations, Brothel, Survival Sex

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17 Jan 2013
Wgs jan 10, 2012
Sex work: problem or profession?
Sex work: a definition
- 1978, carol leigh
- Definition: sexual commerce of all kinds
- Non-stigmatizing
- Emphasis on professionalism
- Exchange of a sexual service for money
Sex work: NGO definition
- UNAIDS inter-agency task team on gender and hiv/aids:
- Exchange of money or goods for sexual services, either regularly or occasionally, involving male,
female, and transgender adults, young people and children where the sex worker may or may
not consciously define such activity as income-generating
Types of sex work:
- Formal
- Informal
- Somewhere in between: street walkers
Who performs sex work?
- All ages, genders, races, nationalities, religions, political persuasions, educational backgrounds
- Some choose: career choice
- Assumptions that it is unchosen and temporary
Direct vs indirect sex work
- Direct: often main source of income for sex workers genital contact
- Indirect: not always main source of income; may not be recognized as sex work; - not always
genital contact
Prostitution: definition 1
1. The act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations especially for money;
2. The state of being prostituted: DEBASEMENT
Prostitution: definition 2
- Breaking free, inc. (Minnesota-based non-profit)
- Systematic sexual violence against women/girls
- Institutionalized
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