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Lecture 8

WGS200Y5 Lecture 8: Lecture 8-March 9, 2017

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Women and Gender Studies
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Joan Simalchik

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Lecture 8-March 9, 2017 How these three women became feminists? (Videos) Amina Mama: Nigerian British activist research and scholar How she see feminism and work of feminist activism taken up in Africa, in the South Kitchen table interviews at women’s homes Feminist Freedom Warriors Noticing gender differences, multi ethnic, multi religious women in mixed schools, getting married when relatively young Linkage between gender and class, nigeria being aware of that, women being married to older men and when the woman runs away and return the family take her back to the husband Collective mobilization: women’s movements Getting women into power and the government The way the feminism has been institutionalized where certain women has access, shifted the emphasis on grassroot organizations to the state Neo-liberal, political current situations it can be seen it is pushing back to what happened Minnie Patt: she started doing the feminism in 1960s, she is a lesbian Conversation justice, politics and solidarity When she was an undergraduate it was the time of the civil rights movement and she saw the white supremacists on television, footages (how people were burnt), she knew it was wrong, she didn't have language, argumentation, or knowledge but a feeling of what she saw to the lives of the people, not much of their voice was allowed In the elections there was no voting booths, there was no privacy, voting for black panther was her first political act Writer being an anti-racist white women she believed it was effective as it emerged in a particular moment of political organizing wave of second wave feminism, her ability to write that essay came because women of color within feminism were organizing writing, producing text She opposed racism, class and oppression as a white women. As a lesbian she was punished for it, as a white women her relative privilege was taken away, her custody of children was taken away and couldn’t rent an apartment as a lesbian. What happens when you step outside the circle of protection? The understanding that comes the punishments for stepping outside. Young women who are punished and oppressed for their autonomy in sexual life. She was a part of women’s liberation and women in motion. Patriarchal law and class law not just because of a white women but a lesbian who stepped outside the boundaries. How whiteness and white privilege shaped her life. The conversation across boundaries, race, class. Who she is? Where she is? And doing the work as a feminist. Anti-racist feminism, her feminism started with conversation across race. Her sense of whiteness affects her and what she needs to do for white supremacy. Azza Basarudin: Lecturer in gender studies, born and raised in Malaysia, from a middle class Muslim family. Grew up with strong and vocal women. Her family's concern about women’s body brought her to feminism.
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