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Lecture 7

WGS200Y5 Lecture 7: Lecture 7-March 2nd, 2017

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Women and Gender Studies
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Joan Simalchik

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Lecture 7-March 2nd, 2017 Recollection of gender and sexuality Three particular ways The context of girlness employed Three main areas Girls, girlyness in femininity, young woman's body in particular kind of performativity The way we live our lives as girls is feminized Indigenous women being sterilized Marnina Gonick: the girl is socially constructed, not born a girl, you are made a girl or a boy Performing certain kinds of behaviors, tasks, clothing, the way you move She seeks the queer category the girls, she seeks to do something differently, instead of queer girls but to queer that category. More interpretation, variables, more diverse than something that is very direct. Challenge to what it means to be a girl. It is like questioning. The concept queer opens up. What is that? What is the dynamic? What does it allow? Structures and barriers are removed so things can be more dynamic and fluid. Queer category women so there is more fluidity How they relate the world. Seeing themselves as girls and see themselves in that particular frame, not only the girls who wear dresses, wear makeup Cognitive dissonance: if you are a girl suppose to like opposite sex. Your desires and gender have to fit. North American concept: coming out, it has become globalized, in the global south it is assumed everybody does it and all should come out and say who they are but for some that is not how they live, so some people don’t come out. Coming out is associated with names (lesbian, gay, intersex). Coming out politically is a political strategy in a normative society and to be safe and connected by others like yourself. The exposure of coming out is too much because of the intersection in the society. Queering in the context of racialized and geographically These also produces a certain kind of behavior but at the same time it fixes women within these constructions. Always see the same kind of women on the television (Asian women-passive, Black-up in the mouth) Queer youth doesn’t have services in Toronto (they live in streets-can’t be at home, abuse in the home-not respected and acknowledged, forced to live off the veils of the other people- disenfranchising). Shelters are not humane to young people. Many young people are homeless and violated. Criminalization of youth as shelters weren’t able to provide with the services (Transgender youth-life at risk)Risk becoming only reason why that the services get created not out of humanity Black kids, indigenous kids are considered dangerous and deviant than the others therefore need to surveil them. Risk than is shaped around body. More of a policing format that rests on the bodies of racialized, particularly black, indigenous and poor. Increase rationalized surveillance of queer youth. They don’t get reflected in the system. The others thinks
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