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3 Nov 2014
theory is a frame work for understanding things.
Why is power, body, language, and difference so important for women?
Why were women denied to vote?
Emotional, maternal instinct, menstruation.
The idea that you cannot make logical decisions while on menstruation.
The idea that women belong in the private sphere: they’re great big walking uteruses!
The BODY becomes central in these ideologies.
Terms like heterosexuality and homosexuality only emerged in the late 1800s. They’re
modern. What exactly is sexuality?
Why is it socially acceptable that we are born either with a penis or vagina?
Diversity – of experience, of background
Intersectionality is the belief that opressions are interlinked and cannot be solved alone.
We don’t have just one identity.
Our identities are constantly changing.
Nature vs. nurture
Social essansialist - would say we’re born with one set identity.
Social constructionist - Our school, family experience affect who we are.
- the context that we are in.
- our identity is perceptual
- our identity is evolving.
- Life events that had major effects on who u are.
- Our identities are dynamic : change and are always changing because of the
context we’re in.
- Our identities are relational. – we play up certain parts of our identity depending
on the situation that we are in. like playing a role, and it might be difficult at first
but then it become habitual.
- Michelle foucault refers to this as docility. – something you’re very actively
working on.
- We often overdetermine the role of identity. We place too much emphasis on it.
Therefore there’s pressure to fit into a category, or that u reduce into a category.
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