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Lecture 8

WGS200Y5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Intersectionality

Women and Gender Studies
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Joan Simalchik

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Note #3
The recognition of the many strands that make up identity
i.e. how race and gender are intertwined in the identities of women of colour
- replicated through culture practices
- not always visible
- not always existed
- what is knowledge?
- What knowledge is valuable?
- How is knowledge acqired?
- What are the possibilities and limitations of knowing?
- How do we know what we know?
Social construction:
- defines the context
- specifies social, cultural, historial stiuation
- implies conditions not fixed but fluid
- where you are from and where you are now
- indentities
- “situated knowledge”: knowledge gained by our specific position/location
- informs epistemology
Frameworks of Power
- structures of domination
- systems of inclusion/exclusion
- hierarchies of privilege
Binary Divisions
Problematics involved:
- man vs. woman
- white vs. black, asian, aboriginal et al
- elites vs. workers
- us vs. them
Issues - self-reflexivity, critical self-reflection  examine ours and others
- positionality
- simultaneously experienced
- normalized patterns of speech
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