Lecture 2

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6 Oct 2011

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Aesthetic object
Skills don’t really matter
Appearance matters
Women in video
Yummy blonde - degrading
White - unisex colour for babies
Article: Outraged moms, trashy daughters
Second wave of feminism
Right now - wave of: third wave
Early 20s - first wave
Were looking for the rights
And be recognized
Have a voice
Basic rights
First wave
More rights
Second wave
Black woman who was harassed by superior positioned white male
Had all the evidence that proved her case
Court ruled in the favour of the white male
After this case we had the third wave of feminism
Came after the anita hill incident
Third wave
Case: lady that alleged that he sexually harassed was a maid in a hotel in new york. She crafted the
incident however other woman have said that he also harassed them
Dominque Strauss-Kahn
Apply theories in your papers/blogs/critical responses
If you're quoting a source - peer reviewed or good publisher
When your exposed to a particular media product it goes through certain stages
Difference between gender and sex
Culturally constructed
Hegemony power dynamic - those in power have the hegemony - enforce their own norms etc
Discursivityconversational like - has to do with speech - fluency
Audience is both the source and the receiver of the television message
Judith Butler - greatest feminist of all times
Pg. 94
Representation of violence
Aurally - by speech you can hear
Stuart hall
Roland Barthes - big name
Lecture 2
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