Lecture 6

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6 Oct 2011

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Being a woman and being a spectator
Womans home - living room'
Because they don't get paid for it
That is the way home makers have been viewed throughout history
A womans housework is not considered work"
Contributing to the economy in what way: ads are targeting you
Spectator watching program: passive
Daytime: woman targetted
Household products
Refrain: "because I'm worth it"
Gender specific what you see on tv: a lot of commercials target different genders
Film - The Third Man
Guy has committed a crime that has lead to the death of many people
Relevance to television spectators: producers look at people as if they were dots, they think they
are above the common man/woman, only think about making money
Not being concerned about the negative impact
The effect of what they are doing on people didn't matter
No emotion of what happens to people, only care about how much money they will make
Exchange between the two: if you can get rid of any of these dots, and make thousands of dollars, would
you do that?
Slide 1
Theme that appears in a lot of feminist articles
The fact that you sit at home and you have to analyze these texts and the way it is, plus your
contributing to the economy in certain ways: some people are making money out of it
There are some theorists that talk about pure economic perspectives, reception theories (the way the
audience reads the text)
Gender specific lens: most when talking about audience - they analyze the audience as if every spectator
were female. A lot of this has gone into feminizing tv programs and reception theories
Giving you power - not projecting you to anything bad
Audience: giving you what you want although its true that you are being targeted - its in your own
Article takes this further - darks parallel between spectator and homemaker
These people are watching the program because during the commercial they rush to use the
Method: during commercials they see how many households are flushing their toilets
Second para: saw in clip: treating spectators like dogs
Famous companies that try and figure out the rating
Narrative bases it on domestic space, not outside of home
That’s how woman are treated in society - seduced, pleased etc.
Docility follow each activity as its assigned to you, be very obedient
Spectatorship: yes were showing you commercials but were also giving you the programs
you want
There is this law which is legally called coverture - 19th century - they say you know what we are
not going to allow you to have property - woman - this is because you and your husband are one
of the same - he becomes a unity - woman don't have much of a right
*married woman
*as akin
Lecture 6
July 21, 2011
4:17 PM
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