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Lecture 7

WGS205H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Fetishism

Women and Gender Studies
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Pouneh Saeedi

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Majority of people that went to a priest confessed about their sexuality
Similar to relationship in inferior/superior position
Sexuality and confession interrelationship
Touching on gender - it doesn't have to do with biological aspect - more social aspect
Pink - Associated with femininity
Female vs. male - women think they have to be girly
Female : accepted
Male: need justification
Cosmetic surgery - male/female
Small bites
Women eat in private
Men - mastery
Women - self-restraint
Victorian times
Food in commercials
A group has a power to influence others
In still a set of beliefs that are looked upon as valid ideology
Knew who was behind it
Male: Fetishism
Female: narcissitic aspect - identify with the female character, massochistic - take pleasure in
being in pain, masculinized - take same stance as a male spectator
Male spectator - castration anxiety - female spectator
No phenomenon can be looked at in isolation
Formalist - narrative structure
Sex and the city - clip
Wants to look young all the time
Not very comfortable with her age
Samantha's character
Hide themselves behind a scarf
Pretend to be extremely weak and feminine - form of masquerade
Don't want males to take advantage of you or something like that
Masquerade - source of empowerment for women
Old - feel better
Why so popular?
Sex and the city - slides
Patriarchal -- the male/father
No - More feminine based and male based
Really resisting?
Alter ego alter = another, ego = I -- another form of I
Adopts a daughter - lily, biological daughter - rose ---- talk about this within the pink thoughts
Brought up a certain way - have to wear it
Not really a choice
Non whites - theyre wearing the hijab - oppression
Lecture 7
July 26, 2011
3:11 PM
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