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Lecture 10

WGS205H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Internet2, Outsourcing

Women and Gender Studies
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Pouneh Saeedi

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Start to before the last two
Emphasis: on the second part after the first quiz
Almost same format - more questions
Slide 1-Judge Judy
Keyword in the article: neoliberalismlower govt intervention, ppls reliance on welfare system, take
matters into their own hands
You are the author of your own miseries and misfortunes
Mantra-dictum that is repeated over and over again
Judge judy: what the govt would have in its favour for crime rates--take responsibility
Outsourcingthe govt wants to keep people in check and wants to have a lower crime rate,
outsourcing means that its using another source outside the govt to control govt affairs
Last point: Comments on outsourcing -- translate what the govt has in mind through programs and
controlling of the individuals
Always questions a persons ability to make money - self sufficient or reliant on money
Neoliberalism: hard work gets anyone ahead
Relevant to judge judy: base it on peoples personalities
Outsourcing: want to take the burden off the police
You see in her clips she questions the personality: did you find work, why don’t you get work?
Nancy fraser: huge in feminist studies
Postsocialist conditionafter the collapse of socialism-euphoriaonce the berlin wall went
done people were ecstatic but didn’t last very long - because people have high hopes and new
ideological system but realized there were problems with their ideologies.
People had high hopes that once socialism was gone everything would be right and they would
have better options -- realized that that is not (1 aspect out of 3)
Reminds us of soaps: look at people on soaps and you see that these people are so messed up and im
not so you take credit for it
First there was a lack of a better alternative
That was a problem and there was no distribution of justice -- just recognition
Secondly, woman's rights group - instead of saying we want equal rights they asked for
Wanted an alternative but realized they don’t have a better alternative
Get rewarded
Confession: judge has the power - you confess to your imperfection (similar to cosmetic surgery
Real people - matters, not fictional like soaps
Held up to standards that they do not necessarily meet
She always says your stupid, you have to get a job, don’t be a victim
Your eyes are everywhere
Concept of being watched
Panopticvery imp termmichel foucaultdefn: pan--everywhere , optic: eyes
Sometimes they have issues that keep them down and judge judy doesn’t expect those barriers
Slide 2 - Internet
Second: use it
Third: have a vocal say - you create your own website - plan something on the internet
In some places in the world you don’t have the internet - if there is - woman don’t have access to
it or have a major say
First step: have access to the internet
Lecture 10
August 4, 2011
3:21 PM
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