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Lecture 2

WGS250H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Nuclear Family, Marriage Law, Immigration Law

Women and Gender Studies
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Karen Kus

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WSG250 – LECTURE 2- JAN.13.2014
- How do you define family?
-Legal definition
- Determine who is responsible for providing financial aid emotional support for children
- Rights over and to children
- Refers to who is responsible for household maintenance. Payment for rent or mortgage ,
or taxes or utilities
- Access to pension , benefit’s, assets
- Immigration law
- Marriage law
- Ontario family act
Census family
- Marriage couple an children if any
- Common law couple and children if any
- Lone parent and at least one child
- Grandchildren and grandparents (no parents)
- all family member living in one dwelling
- couple may be opposite or same sex
- children by birth, marriage or adoption
- children not living with their spouses and or children
disclosing identity and family form
- schools, hospitals, immigration services, banks, businesses and community
organizations determine access and decision making power based on definitions of
Economic family
- a group of two or more persons who live in the same dwelling and are related to each
other bby blood, marriage, common law or adoption
- a couple may be of opposite or same sex
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- foster children are included
- broader concept that census family
- all persons who are members of a cencus family are also member of an economic family
-Nuclear family
- the part of a family that includes only the father, mother and children
- Nuclear ideology
- What does this mean for families who do not fit this ideology
- Westernized ideology of the nuclear family as the primariy social unit
- Socially structured as ideal
- Hyped in the 1950 as a American dream
- Normalized and universalized – the nuclear family is often what we think of as family
- Historically and culturally specific
- Marriage, children , heterosexual, blood related
- Nuclear family is assumed as universal
- But it is not universal in all cultures
Types of families
- Nuclear
- Blended
- Extended
- Single parent
- Childless
- Adoptive
- Polygamous, polygamous
- Monogamous
- Cohabiting
- Grandparent led
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