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Women and Gender Studies
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Lecture 7- February 29, 2012
Midterm Review
Societal form that never existed- matriarchal societies
Ortner claims that the only universal thing is- nature
When a woman is married to more than one man- polyandry
Couple and children live with husbands kin- virilocal/patrilocal
Moral regulation- involves everyday codes that naturalize some ways of being while marginalizing others
as deviant, focus on power, persistence of ethical/moral regulatory practices in post-religious worlds
Sociobiologists argue that human culture is largely passed on as part of our genetic inheritance, human
behaviour are transmitted genetically, culture is instinctual
Domestic bliss strategy-
Battered women are at greatest risk of death when they leave
Gendercide- gender selective killing; Montreal Massacre
Swamp Island
Eugenics: preserving hierarchy/race (making U.S. a white nation)
o Eugenic sterilization
IQ testing created to separate people (white/black) (men/women)
o Questions meant to make sense only to certain people who would as a result score higher
Wanted to use eugenics to become the dominant nation at the time of colonization
Basis of wanting a white nation- fear of blacks (idea of black rapist) , women representing the nation
(statue of liberty)
Legal lynching
White terrorism
Great chain of being (1579)- God is at the top and people of various races/gender in hierarchy; divinely
inspired universal hierarchy in which all forms of life are ranked between heaven and hell
o Promotes inequality and prevents equality
o Fitter family contests- 1920/1930s in U.S.- held contests at fairs and people could enter their
families if they were from the upper white class (professional class) assess family and
determine if they are “eugenically fit” (fit to reproduce)
These families were the example of the qualities they wanted in the nation
These families were not genetically superior to anyone else; wanted these families to
represent the nation because they are white, educated, middle-upper class
Women who didn’t want to have children accused of committing “race suicide”
Negative eugenics: discourage you from having children; bribed with money, taxed
based on number of children (i.e. China’s one child policy), sterilization, injectable birth
control, birth control advocates
Positive eugenics: encourage you to have children
Samanrcand-young girls put away for mostly “moral” crimes- i.e. masturbation, delinquent, stealing,
immorality, bad environment, lying
Pear’s Soap campaign- first soap ever branded, white man’s burden (colonialism); cleaning the so-called
o Idea that using this soap would “civilize” the barbarians and make them more like the white
Charlotte Hawkins Brown- separate but equal idea but it wasn’t equal
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