WGS369Y5 Lecture Notes - Neoliberalism

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16 Apr 2012
A portion of our research question deals with the promotion of child care
services. The newly renovated 3 year child care plan of Toronto is an
action plan to help subsidized care and better quality services.
Slide 1 - According to the latest available data (the1996 Census), there
are over 290,000 children in Toronto aged 0 - 9. These children live in
189,000 families. Seventy-one per cent of families with children of this age
are fully participating in the labour force. This translates to approximately
207,000 children who require some non-parental care for at least part of
each day
Slide 2- Chart 1
Notes - Of the 24,216 budgeted subsidies, 77 per cent are used by single-
parent families; The single largest client group for subsidized child care
consist of single-parent families.
Slide 3 - In May 2001, over 15,100 children were waiting for subsidy.
Chart 2
Notes- This service plan promotes accountability and equity of child care
services, by promoting there target clients to be low-income families,
aboroginals and children with special needs.
Slide 4- Chart 3 (map)
Notes- With relevance to this chart it shows the high demands of child care
services, and children who are at risked because they lack these services.
This date will show that even with this knowledge of high risk areas the
promotion of subsidized child care is reflected to show that subsized child
care quality is increasing. by glorifying this waitlist, foreshadows that lack
of attention paid on child care services.
Slide 1 - Image of kids and company with "Our mission is to create a better
work-life balance for corporate employees, relieving employees of the
stress that can come with unreliable daily child care. this in turn creates a
more productive workforce"
Notes: Kids and company promotes their child care services to corporate
employees who need quality specific child care service. This data reflects
the specific targeted clients, that can afford this non-subsidized child care
service. within the neoliberal framework we see that the urgency for child
care services has created a discourse in selection of child care. Quality is
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