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Women and Gender Studies
Kendra Ann Pitt

Lecture 2 Wednesday, May 10, 2017 10:08 AM Sex, Gender and Mapping the Intersections Patriarchy "Rule of the father" • Make reference to the idea that it was males within our community, society and families that were responsible for constructing and developing particular ideas that allows them to maintain a certain power in society • Patriarchy refers to hierarchal historical systems of rule and domination by men • Not the same everywhere, different around the globe (Not static, changes across time and space) • Cynthia Enloe Definition of patriarchy "Patriarchy is the structural and ideological system that perpetuates the privileging of masculinity • How are patriarchal ideals reinforced? -"Words, identities and concepts are socially and historically constructed" The value and meaning of such concepts change across time and space. We are taught about the rules and expectations of society and the meaning of these concepts through social political institutions. Helps reinforce norms* Rules and expectations are rooted on historical patterns. How do social political institutions socially construct ideas about gender? • Example: Familial relations in Canada -Ideals are defined by the law -Laws intervene to regulate gender relations (sexuality) -Race gets regulated through the social political institution that gets written up and can be enacted -It is through men that woman claim status, they are not allowed to claim it on their own (i.e. Indian act) House that Patriarchy Built… "Patriarchal structures act like the walls and roof of a house to define the spaces of what is possible to set limits on women's equality" Structural system - a pattern of social behavior that is embedded in a society's institutions which defines relationships between men and woman based on hierarchy -Ways that they are written into a law -It is the way the society has set up a system to allow for the privilege -Particular pat
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