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University of Toronto Mississauga
Women and Gender Studies
Kendra Ann Pitt

Lecture 3 Wednesday, May 17, 2017 Feminist Ways of Knowing: Theory and Method Why might Theory be important? Address complex issues Develop strategies for change what do we do differently that might create different issues to allow for social change Ask questions Analyze where we are and where we are going What does theory have to do with me? Bell Hooks talks about the oppression and practices that she became aware of within the context of her own family and even in the larger community (racism and patriarchy) Feminist Theories Liberalism Guided by the principles of the Enlightenment period (reliance on nationality) Everybody should be free and everyone should have freedom of choice and there should be equality among us (Many people were excluded from certain privileges and freedom) Women were viewed a property, they were controlled by men Women were viewed to be weak Liberal Feminism (Dominant Feminist Theory) Argued that woman are capable of rational thought as much as men are Women should be included in all levels of society and have equal rights Women should be protected under the law They wanted equality with men Mary Wollstonecraft argued for womens rights and equality, she pointed to the fact that it was womens social exclusion that made it hard for women to function but she said if they are given an opportunity women would also rise in society (challenging and debunking the thought that women are less than men) Marxist Feminism Built on Marxs principles Really wanted to challenge and underline the capitalist society Way of challenging the individualism that would be associated with liberalism
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