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Lecture 2

WGS200Y5 Lecture 2: WGS200Y Lecture #2

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Women and Gender Studies
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Joan Simalchik

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find more resources at WGS200Y: Lecture #2 September, 15, 2016 Homa Hoodfar - Husband died, has a serious neurological disease - In hold of Evan Prison Jesse Thompson - Trans student who played hockey, and in 2012, he was denied access to the boys locker room - The exclusion outed him and exposed him to bullying - Put a complaint to human rights council, settlement in 2014, but not until last week that policies have changed What does feminism look like? - Who are feminists? - What do they believe? - Is it one theory? - Why is it so fraught? - There are multiple strands and kinds of feminists, some people act in a feminist way without even identifying themselves as feminists Feminists are… page ▯-6 in textbook - Feminists are not haters, angry unhappy women, victims - There are many stereotypes about feminists, feminists hate men, ▯feminists are all sisters▯? NO - Men cant be feminists… Expanding the Circle - Power, agency and context - There is a particular context, where are we now and what are the power relationships in there, but don’t forget agency and peoples ability to resist - It is a circle because it is moving, things change - POWER: control, influence strength - CONTEXT: things change because we are not essentialists, the particular historical moment, place and time - AGENCY: The ability to exert action, even in structures and institutions (think of Jesse who managed to change hockey Ontario) Feminist Theories - Self-reflexivity, think of where are we in this situation - Think of power and privilege, there are power differences and people are impacted differently by power - Diversity means representing reality, it means incorporating everyone, - Feminist theories, its PLURAL find more resources at find more resources at Feminist Epistemology - Comes from the Greek meaning knowledge - Feminist epistemology is opposed to partial knowledge, tries to create a whole picture, it should be transformational - A Theory is just the tool I need to make sense of my reality - Learn these things to end kinds of oppression, it is who are we in this equation and how do we make it work - Also suspects objectivity: o Real problem for scientists… o Feminist theories say that you have to suspect objectivity
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