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Women and Gender Studies
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Joan Simalchik

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WGS200Y LECTURE 2 Sept. 14, 2017 The F word General Course Information Late assignments 1 per day will be taken off the nal total course grade Must bring in a hard copy of assignments to class (lecture not tutorial) Text themes: Concepts and practice of intersectionality Gendering and queering womens studies Indigenizing and decolonizing womens studies Globalizing, internationalizing, and transnationalizing womens studies Authors challenges: o Conversations o Self reection o SPEAK UP What does Feminism Look Like? Who are feminists? o Pages 26 o Not ??? (people who hate men etc.) o All sisters? people have different agendas people have different positions in society o stereotypes o not haters o not angry unhappy women o not victims What do they believe? Is it one theory? Why is it so fraught? 1
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