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University of Toronto Mississauga
Women and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi- Birgani

Lecture 3- September 24, 2013 Guest Lecture Negotiating the Gap: Or how to do things with representation Gender  Representation- how people interpret you o Representation refers to the processes by which we :construct, present , perceive and ultimately understand different aspects of reality o One of the main ways we make sense of the world o Lens through which we understand our environment and each other  i.e. language is a form of representation- words stand in for ideas o take the form of cultural practices such as speech and writing  i.e. advertisements, photography, film, blogs, news  Our body becomes a text; they can be read and interpreted  Allows us ability to analyze social processes that writes our body (text)  Judith Butler- Gender “Yer doing it”- gender is a script that we put on  “If gender is constructed, could it be constructed differently, or does its constructed-ness imply some form of social determinism, foreclosing the possibility of agency and transformation? o Can gender be constructed differently?  Think about the role of representation o The constructed-ness of gender does not allow it to change? Frustration with Social Construction  If race and gender are social constructions then why do they appear to be so unchangeable? o Why can’t we construct it different?  Why do they seem to be constructed in the same way over and over again?  If gender and race are social constructions then why can’t we discard constructions we don’t like and make new ones? Three key questions:  Who is performing the representation? o Production- what part do these factors play in text production?  (class, age, gender, ethnicity)  What does it mean? o Reference- what sort of realities are depicted?  (class, age, gender, ethnicity)  What effects does it have? o Reception- what influence do these factors have on interpreters?  (class, age, gender, ethnicity)  Representation- helps us to connect meaning and language to culture o Uses specific language or set of signs to say something about world to o
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