Lecture 5

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Women and Gender Studies
Pouneh Saeedi

Lecture 5July 19 2011311 PMQuizEssay type questionsDeep understandingAuthors comments6 questions answer only 5No in class video questions ex Malibu stacyTrailerComment on the male gazeVertigo dizzinessHitchcock objectifies woman in his moviesWoman being followedUsually in his movies you look for hitchcock himself cameo scene look out for the director himselfMale is asking her to dress up like the first woman who he wants to seeMale character position of authority this case detectiveLaw the symbolic based on lacans theoryWhat happens in infancy is that the child is initially very close to the motherWith the introduction of language you have the symbolic phasePhase of law phase of border embodied in the figure of the fatherFather authority separation of the child from the mother introduction of languageMan associated with law represents the symbolic distance from the female and the infantVery important for the mankinds developmentLecture slides1Phallocentrismbelief in the superiority in the male sexaWoman doesnt have male sex organbShe lacks it she raises the child because she feels she lacks it so she needs to make up for itcAlthough it is associated with a male organ phallus has a denotat
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