Lecture 11

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Women and Gender Studies
Pouneh Saeedi

Lecture 11August 9 2011308 PMPaperat least 5 sources crediblewell researchedwell written thesistodays lecture on examSlide 1Bullet a why because she is African Carribean dark skinned and also because she is a lesbian1Hegemonyideology poweraWhen you are in a hegemonic position you do not appreciate the othered sector2The othered sector has to teach you they are a part of society etcaWe see differences between our selves and others but instead of celebrating those differences bwe develop tacticsdestroy etcPart bfocused mainly on issues that women face as women only didnt take into account social class 5raceSisterhood we are all the sameaDifferent shading of the female lesbian woman african american woman carribeaniSimpsons grandfather made fun of differences it is not just race classbYouth tend to forget that they will be aging as well create a bigger caset between ithemselves and older generationWhen the young generation does not make use of the knowledge taught by the older generation 6repeating same mistakes amnesia of the knowledgeAlien dont belong marginalized extra terrestrial creatures from outer spaceaEnglish literature course not many works from african american women are included 7Tokenismyo
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