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Women and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi- Birgani

Lec 6 Employment equity - Women are greately underrepresented under some of the highest paying professions - Men more likely to hold senior jobs - Twice as like to be senior managers for men - Differences persist despite pay equity - Values around womens opportunities comes from an liberal rights discourse(everyone should be treated similarly, and women should not be treated differently than men, based on sameness, but in reality people are all different) - Human right acts makes it legal to make positive discrimination and it is not an discriminatory practice - The carter of rights and freedoms makes an statement that equality/fairness/justice/acknowledge differences under the law - Canadian equity policies, pay equality and pay equity, employment policies - Imporving womens employment opportunities, remove invisible obsticles women face, to eliminate gender job ghettos - International labour organization declared and identified equality for all citizens as an top prioty - Took Canada until 1986 to introduce an legislation the umbrella act, a law that covers the 4 groups below, - 4 designated groups aboriginals, women, disabled, minorities - Pay equity and employment equity* - Trudeu in 1983 appointed a
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