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University of Toronto Mississauga
Women and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi- Birgani

Lec 2 Last week: division of labour at home, micro and macro - Connection between social policies national context and individuals behaviours - Work regulation work family balance and gender equity all influence gender division at home - Most important macro initiative in terms of social policy is having an universal childcare policy which supports family balance - Extended parenting leave for both parent reduce traditional attitudes - In Canada EI provides maternity and parent benefits to indv who are preg or given birth or adopting or caring for newborn - Parental leave is from 10-35 weeks and can be divided between 2 parents and exclude 15weeks maternal leave - Does gender influence the relationship between education and work? It does - Women are doing better in university than men - Women still earn less than men the wage gap - Studies done to find out why there is an gender wage gap - Women continue to choose traditional female jobs - University women are still in traditionally female disciplines - Labour markets rewards traditional male disciplines - And this results in the wage gap - Womens higher education does not necessarly contribute towards a full time employment - Our culture still implicated that women are the primary care giver and rearer of children - Critical thinking is not just passively absorbing facts but thinking about the implications of them - So the study blames the womens occupational choices for the wage gap and a HR study says womens educational choice are to blame for the wage gap - There is a shift, women are going into harder sciences but not towards engineering sci
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