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Women and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi- Birgani

Sex Work - One of the oldest industries. - 100 bil industry - Legal in Canada - Activities related to prostitution is illegal - Soliciting sex is illegal, procuring, illegal to influencing a person to become a sex worker, pimping is illegal, keeping brothel, indecent act of exposure, loitering, communicating for the purpose of prostitution. - Brothels became legal in Ontario, because it is better than loitering, also made it legal for prostitudes to hire drivers and bodyguards, - Opponents of sex work o Exploits women most helpless people in society o Violence o Leads to STDs o drug related crimes o human trafficking o immoral - defenders of sex work o opponents of sex work seeks to punish consenting adults o regulated and legal prostitution protects sex workers, once legalized they can be unionized, regulated, c
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