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Women and Gender Studies
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Karen Kus

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Lecture 1 • Stuff is posted on bb • Went over the syllabus (notes on syllabus) ◦ this course is about critical analysis when doing the readings ◦ think of race related things as well ◦ the details of the research paper is on the syllabus and it is 30% ◦ if a hard copy isn’t handed in at the beginning of class it will be considered late ◦ she does not post lecture notes ◦ keep a copy of all submitted work ◦ final is cumulative • Have the readings done before class (you need to have it done for the tutorials ◦ you don’t have to do the recommended readings, it’s for personal expansion ◦ understand the concept in the readings, don’t get caught up in minor details (for the papers I think) • Course organization • Equity in the classroom ◦ she said she won’t tolerate oppressive remarks ◦ she wants us to be careful with our language and keep it a positive environment • How to succeed ◦ she hates people being late ◦ she does a quick review before the next class starts ◦ going to your tutorials is crucial Note: Outer most bullet usually signifies a new slide, the topic or title of the slide is written next to this bullet to keep track in case notes are not taken for a slide • What is gender ◦ how do we behave according to gender? What are some differences ▪ the way you behave in society, your role ▪ it is different from sex, which is your biological organs ▪ these are socialized behaviours ▪ and we think in terms of masculinity and femininity and if its natural ◦ Do you believe these behaviours are socialized or natural? ◦ On the board ▪ Characteristics of a woman ▪ submissive ▪ pink ▪ sensitive Lecture 1 k a e w ▪ ▪ caregivers ▪ gente ▪ youthful ▪ non-atheltic ▪ emotional ▪ dependant ▪ beautiful ▪ inability to lead ▪ feminine ▪ monogamous ▪ kitchen ▪ nurturing ▪ domestic ▪ petite ▪ when women dress: more skin ▪ skinny ▪ Characteristics of a man ▪ blue ▪ masculine ▪ strong ▪ breadwinners ▪ dominant ▪ aggressive ▪ athletic ▪ rational ▪ protective ▪ independent ▪ handsome ▪ ability to lead ▪ tough
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