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University of Toronto Mississauga
Women and Gender Studies
Jaqueline Brunning

wgs-exam review lec format of exam: 35% of final grade 30 questions multiple choice/ true or false scantron bring pencil short answers and essay question explain understanding of definitions and concepts in relation t women in families provide a feminist critique analysisand include illustrative examples short answers 5 questions, 10 points each essay question 20 points choose from 1/2 questions migration and families: -diasporic culture- bring home w you -acculturation and assimilation -process of migration adjustment to new cultural standards, settlement -migrating w family members- not always possible -creating networks of support (ch. 29) migration discourses gender and migration -traditional work roles -economic dependence reinforces the myth -loss of economic power -unemployment -systemic marginalization -racial discrim -eliminated w the point system (ch.29) -class discrim remains labour force and childcare -childcare is scarcely available and affordable -division of labour within most households are not equal -inflexible work arrangements -employers less likely to accomodate -chuldcare percieve as a private matter according to the state transnational domnestic care -gendered work and intersectionality -precarious employment -neoliberalism (pay less and extract more) -limiting work, morte porfit -own their labour globalization in the home international caretaking work and the global economy -transnational work as flexible labour -class relation more profit for the rich (neoliberalism) -racialized economic exploitation -national citizenships as naturally hierarchal legal protection from labour exploitation immigration and refugee protection ac
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