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Women and Gender Studies
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Karen Kus

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Lecture 4- January. 27, 2014 - Current Marriage trends o women marry younger than men- but the age at ,marriage is rising for women o carriben region has lower rates of marriage o in niger 70% of girls and 4% of boys are married by the age of 19 o in Honduras 30% of girls and 7% of boys are married by the age of 19 o worldwide almost 90% of adults are married for at least some portion of their lives o in Europe 30 or older is the average age at which woman first marry - what causes might lead to these changes? - economic changes - women’s movement into paid worked - equality seeking movements - changes to social policy - changes in social norms and expectations - Despite changes , normalized constructs of family and marriage still exist. Traditonal western marriage - often seen as heterosexual - wedding ceremony often associated with religion ex Christian church - patriarchal history - Heteronormative - cultural eurocentranism - Cultural homogeneity - capitalist nature of the wedding industry - Normative depictions of gender, race,class, sexuality Heteronormativity - Ingraham argues that institutionalized heterosexuality is normalized and unquestioned as expected social relations - romantic ideology represents a maintains the heterosexual institution, preserving hierarchies of race and class - naturalized a gendered heterosexual imagery of marriage and the state law - socially contrcuted0 one is not born a bride or with a craving to get married - Arranged marriages were bargained by the brides father ( European crusades) - groom will see the bride only after the ceremony - during Victorian period . considered a symbol of status, the weight, length and quality was a symbol of status., - white symbolizes purity, and virginity. - giving away the bride- symbolic of a monetary peace offering - pay off debt or buy way into higher social staus - today, symbolic as fathers blessing on the new couple - marriage commissioners are the ,ain offic
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