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University of Toronto Mississauga
Women and Gender Studies
Karen Schwartz

Monday March 24 2014 Divorce and Child custodyExam review Monday april 7 1245215 IB 245LAST WEEKoQueer theoryoConceiving under AHRAoSperm donationoTrangendered pregnancy caseoVital statistics actoAdoption charteroQueer spawnoGendered division of labouroVIDEO The queer NinetiesFilmoIn 1994 bill 167 to pass legislation recognizing same sex relationship in Canada The film there was campaign to win recognition for same sex couples Coalition for lesbian and gay rights in Ontario and the campaign for equal families organized to win recognition for same sex couplesoSame sex adoption 1995 case won by 4 lesbian couples who claimed it was a violation of same sex rightsoA teacher is surrey bc introduced same sex family books for children denied by school board battle lead to supreme court costing school board millions of dollar to bring this case It was to combat homophobia in school on the opposing side who didnt want them to reproduce and shape how children think of the family It was legalized by SCC saying school board had no right to not permitoEthno racial groups mobilizing to counter homophobiaAsian communities aids servicesBlack coalition for aids preventionoNancy Rosenberg CUPE lawyer fought for survivor pensions for same sex couplesLead to the rewriting of the income tax act of Canada to recognize same sex couples
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