Lecture 2

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Women and Gender Studies

Lecture 2 Carole Pateman y Publicprivate dichotomy private refers to home while public refers to work women mainly associated with private dichotomy and men associated with public sphere y Dichotomy completely opposite significance governs relationships in the public and private sphereo Ie women come home from work and work at home as well put in more effort and time at home compared to meno Domesticity not always negative feminists argue that domestic work should be acknowledged and perhaps paid as well Domesticity seen as unpaid laboury Manifest destinyManifest Domesticity y Idea that men and women have different complementary roles y Idea that males have more power and feminine gender is devaluedy Separate but equal would assume that there would be easy movement for men and women between publicprivate sphereso Ex Males taking on female roleso Assumes a naturalized essential differencehierarchy exists where there are differences essentialism associated with stereotypes y Should challenge notions of things being natural and inevitableNormalization of female nature y 2 ways in which women are considered more natural physiology social roles and psyche y Ortner defines cultural subordination by any of 3 criteria There are explicit devaluation symbolic or implicit devaluation and exclusion from participation in
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