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University of Toronto Mississauga
Women and Gender Studies

WGS250S WOMEN IN FAMILIESLECTURE 4OUTLINEJanuary 25 2012Topic Ethnographic Variation in Family Life Communal Households Tutorial 2 Readings1T Eleanor B Leacock Women in an Egalitarian Society The MontagnaisNaskapi of Canada 2Patricia Draper Kung Women contrasts in Sexual Egalitarianism in Foraging and Sedentary Context The importance of historicalcrosscultural research to current studies of women in families Crosscultural research comparison between different cultures Ie is incent a taboo in every culture Has it been a taboo throughout historyHistory used as a tool to determine if things were always a certain way or have changedMontagnais culture egalitarian society cultures today devalue womens work and men are hesitant to carry out womens tasksHuron specially and Montagnais women seen carrying out generally mens tasks women had a great deal of autonomyGender is constructed and is not static equality existed in these societies in the past but most socities now are patriarchalwomen became submissive to their husbandsother males compared to in the past when women had autonomy Bringing standards of family life from France to Canada 17th c French women were reduced to the status of minors and placed under the control of their husbands and fathers This was the context of Jesuit work amongst the Huron and Montagnais tribes in Canada Women seen as Children not allowed to vote own credit cards in their own nameColonization and Christianization in New France Why the French interest in people of Quebec Natural resources like fur beaver pelts Quebec was a gateway to the North American interior and furtrading posts and mission stations pushed westward Quebec was a gateway in terms of colonialism thKing Louis 13 1616 commissioned Champlain to introduce missionaries to New France to Christianize savagesWanted to bring the savages to god Egalitarianism Foraging societies bushliving groups hunterw
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