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Women and Gender Studies

The Coy FemaleCoy choosy shy theory that females invest more in pregnancy so they want to pick the right partner and males want to spread their genes spread their seed not a correct theory Supposed to be sexually restrained reluctant to mate passive but choosing the single best suitor monandrous one mateoMales ardent wooers sexually undiscriminating actively courting promiscuous Evolution of sex differences Leibowitz looks at how and why dimorphism developed among humans nonhuman primate data sexrole adaptations do not conform to popular assumptions Hrdy androcentric interpretation of sexual selection presupposed existence of highly discriminating sexually coy femaleoArgues that research is mostly androcentric focusing on menSociobiologists argue that human culture is largely passed n as part of our genetic inheritance behaviours are transmitted genetically culture is instinctual I Gender Police Gender policing in heteronormative genderdimorphic societies Gender normalizationnotion that we perform gender oNormalization produces a vigilant community of disciplined euphorically docile genderdimorphic normal selves we say what is normal through repetition and anything that deviates from that would be considered abnormalIe women in magazines are seen as i
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