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University of Toronto Mississauga
Women and Gender Studies

Lecture 7 February 29 2012Midterm ReviewSocietal form that never existed matriarchal societies Ortner claims that the only universal thing is natureWhen a woman is married to more than one man polyandryCouple and children live with husbands kin virilocalpatrilocalMoral regulation involves everyday codes that naturalize some ways of being while marginalizing others as deviant focus on power persistence of ethicalmoral regulatory practices in postreligious worldsSociobiologists argue that human culture is largely passed on as part of our genetic inheritance human behaviour are transmitted genetically culture is instinctualDomestic bliss strategy Battered women are at greatest risk of death when they leave Gendercide gender selective killing Montreal MassacreSwamp Island Eugenics preserving hierarchyrace making US a white nation o Eugenic sterilizationIQ testing created to separate people whiteblack menwomen o Questions meant to make sense only to certain people who would as a result score higherWanted to use eugenics to become the dominant nation at the time of colonization Basis of wanting a white nation fear of blacks idea of black rapistwomen representing the nation statue of libertyLegal lynching White terrorismGreat chain of being 1579 God is at the top and people of various racesgende
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