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Women and Gender Studies

A portion of our research question deals with the promotion of child care services The newly renovated 3 year child care plan of Toronto is an action plan to help subsidized care and better quality services Slide 1 According to the latest available data the1996 Census there are over 290000 children in Toronto aged 09 These children live in 189000 families Seventyone per cent of families with children of this age are fully participating in the labour force This translates to approximately 207000 children who require some nonparental care for at least part of each daySlide 2 Chart 1NotesOf the 24216 budgeted subsidies 77 per cent are used by singleparent families The single largest client group for subsidized child care consist of singleparent families Slide 3In May 2001 over 15100 children were waiting for subsidyChart 2Notes This service plan promotes accountability and equity of child care services by promoting there target clients to be lowincome families aboroginals and children with special needs Slide 4
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