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Week 12

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African Studies
Steven Rockel

November 30 2011Week 12GENDER ROLES CONTDDevelopmental Trends in Gender TypingDevelopment of genderrole stereotypes Infants become aware of gender roles when they become familiar with their own gender around 2 years of ageExperiment showed 2 and a half year oldsmale and female dolls and asked them which doll was more likely to cook in the kitchen talk a lot never hit climb trees fix cars etcChildren who know about stereotypes can discriminate between gendersElementary school children can discriminate genders in terms of psychological dimensionsBy age 10 gender role stereotypes are fairly robustWell known study looked at children grade 4 and 5 in England IrelandChildren 37want people to act like their gender rolesMaybe because gender role issues are extremely important at this stage children are discovering themselves male vs females and that genders are fixedElementary school children are more lenient with females if a girl wants to build something etcThey are particularly hard on boys who act like girls more pressure on boysDevelopment of gendertyped behaviour Before a child can identify themselves as a boy or girl they know which toys are appropriate for their gender before they get sense of identity they know what is appropriate to play withBoys will play with trucks girls dolls and dont want to play with other gender toys45 year olds refuse to play with opposite gender playmates1011 year olds are 10x more likely to play with same gender1011 year olds who have same sex friendships are more popular than their peers who play with the other genderWhyOne suggestion is that it has to do with the difference Girls backed off from the boys they took it as they way the boys were playing scared the girls
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