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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 notes

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African Studies
Steven Rockel

Wednesday November 16 2011Two potential influences on children1Family2Peer structureFamily is without a doubt the important factor for the development of a childWithin a family child experiences first commitments relationships emotional attachments bondsSocial relations within the family form prototypes for the nature of relationships the child will have later on in lifeFamily is also a source of social conflictWithin family that child undergoes discipline and conflictsFirst experiences conflict for resources how to begin to influence other peoples behaviour complianceMany non human primates live in groups but do not break into family unitsFive fundamental functions thatare necessary if a society wants to survive1Reproduction2Economic Services3Societal Order4Socialization5Emotional SupportIn early human history the family unit played a role in all 5 functions as society evolved the family became less involved in all 5 unitsPolitical institutions and law institutions take care of societal orderSchools provide socializationReligion provides emotional supportWork produces goods and services families no longer produce economic services but are rather consumersFamily unit is still involved in reproduction socialization emotional supportoThose 3 are most directly involved with childrenFamily SocializationInfluences are bidirectionalAlso influenced by other family members child to child parent to parentCorrelation parents feel that they are more competent as parents when the marital relationship is goodAll the relationships are placed within a larger societal contextoHigher rates of psychopathology in urban setting due to fragmental community connections
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