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Lecture 1

ANTA01H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Homo Naledi, Homo Sapiens, Evolutionary Anthropology

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Genevieve Dewar

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Introduction to ANTA101: Human Beings
Oxford dictionary: study of human beings, in particular
4 fields; archaeology, evolutionary anthropology, paleoanthropology, cultural
anthropology, linguistics
Archaeology: study of human history and prehistory through the excavation of sited and
the analysis of artefacts and other physical remains
Evolutionary Anthropology: the science of human zoology, evolution, and ecology
Bio archaeology- relationships between human evolution
Bog bodies- sacrificing bodies into a bog
Paleoanthropology- study of fossils of ancestors
Homo floriensis- small humans that are of a different species found on island
Neanderthals different than homo sapiens, 4% relations
Homo naledi; new species found in Africa
Primatology: study of apes and monkeys
Cultural anthropology: comparative study of human societies and cultures and their
Linguistics: study of language, morphology, syntax, phonetics, semantics
*******picture for midterm comes from 2 fossil lectures
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