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14 Dec 2010

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Anthropology (oct19)
Oxygen isotope tells us age of the earth through temperature
Pleistocene is about the ice age, but also fluctuations between temperatures
Very first fossil that was found of our ancestors was Java Man
oBig femur for a developed pelvis, bipedal
oDeveloped brain
Darwin said that humans first were created in Africa, where the first the oldest fossils were found
Dubois believed that the first man would be found in Asia
oHe did find evidence on Java island, hence Java Man
Piltdown man was found in a mine, under gravel
oMassive cranium, but with an ape like jaw
oForward magnum like a human
oTurned out to be a human skull that was transformed to make it look like an ape jaw
The Taung child was a fossil that suggested an ape that walked on two legs
oNot initially accepted because it was believed that the big brain came before bipedal
Louis and Mary Leakey found Dear Boy 7m below Bed I (2.1-1.7 MYA)
oAlso tools and animals bones
Beds I and II- Homo habilis
oIn between form of Australopithecines and Homo erectus
oStudies of hand bones showed precision grip and true handy man
(OH24) Twiggy
oSo flat and thin
oLacks sagittal crest, and the brain is bigger then Dear Boy”
Olduvai early Homo compared to Australopithecines
oReduced size of back teeth- but still capable of dealing with rough foods (nuts)
oAnterior teeth larger
oMore generalized diet and more human like
oNo sagittal crests
oLarger brains
Homo Erectus
oBigger brains then Twiggy
Homo habilis/ Homo erectus
oLived at the same time, there was overlap
Olduvai early Homo compared to Homo Erectus
oMuch smaller brain
oMaintains ape body proportions
oLong arms and short legs
Early Homo in South Africa
StW 53 & Twiggy
oMore development in the brain in both
Homo Habilis
oKNM-ER 1813
Homo Rudolfensis
oKNM-ER 1470
oMore human like body
oLonger legs
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