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1 Mar 2011

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Assignment 2 Write short report 1000-1500 words.
on a fossil specimen
write report discussing fossil specimen using 3-5 primary references
NOT including textbook or websites
journal of human evolution
example : Pick twiggy where it was found
controversies about the fossil and the date about the species
Due second last week of school
Hand in tutorial during the review tutorial
Homo erectus two forms
Homo agastar and Homo erectus two forms
Green- represents warm bands
White bands are cold bands ( Look at chart)
rapidly flipping back and forward
Mega chad drying out and fluctuating between extreme deep lake to
nothing very rapidly for a long time
These species are adapting in a extreme fluctuating environment
Homo erectus African forms
smaller brain size
looking at the skull has a very massive brain
doubling in the matter of brain matter
some features homo agaster back of skull the area comes to some
kind of point
robustus brow ridges and a jaw
long distance runners
but the early evidence for fire . is dated to the homo-erectus homo-
agaster period
for the first time extended hours in the evening where you can be
surviving and talk ( development of culture and bring people together
around the fire)
especially where you have predators lions are afraid of fire
Nariokatome Boy
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