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Anthropology Lecture 10
Final Exam: April 15th 2-4 – Gym
Anthropologist see problems from a different perspective and solve them in ways others cant
oCan solve problems from three different areas:
Behaviour: ethnography
Concepts: method of analysis
Ex. worked with doctors to teach children about taking insulin as a rite
of passage” instead of looking as it as something their parents are forcing
them to do
Ex. landline phones more private whilst cell phones more public (U.K.);
vice versa in Czech Republic
Aero chocolate selling it as indulgent, secret, womanhood, etc.
What can you derive from the response to Hurricane Katrina about the U.S.?
Human tendency to explain the unexplainable
oBlame the victim
Too stubborn, slow, dumb” to leave
oPeople who live in the lowest-lying place of New Orleans are those in poverty
Cajuns and African-Americans
A lot of people unable to escape Hurricane Katrina
This ignored all the structural things that allowed people to leave
People in these neighbourhoods had the least amount of resources to leave
oOne of the poorest states
Didnt have regular internet access, no cars, no financial means of leaving
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