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ANTA02H3 Lecture Notes - Fredrik Barth, Edmund Leach, Imagined Community

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Ethnicity, Nation, Race
Ethnicity comes from the Greek word Ethnos, which means nation
Nation is rooted in nature
Race means a variety or type of origins
Increasingly difficult to differentiate ethnic group
2. Ethnicity in flux
3. Ethnicity and boundary formation
4. National tradition
5. Politics of national identity
6. Components of nationalism
7. Binary vs. segmentary
8. Race
9. Classification for race: USA
10. Classification for race: Canada
11. Race in Andean Peru
1.Primordial attachments
Ethnicity as essence of identity
Linked to early socialization
We tend to think of ethnicity of attachments and essence of food and non-
verbal communication, the distance people keep when they talk
2.Ethnicity as descent
Based on narratives of origin, migration, and the suffering of a people
A way of constructing history and autobiography as well
We are all descendants of some mystical ancestors, we dont know how were
connected we somehow we are connected (we look alike, we eat the same food,
Were going to be peaceful to each other and regard each other as brothers
and sisters, and will construct the society/community
A way of classifying the society and defining whos inside/outside the group,
and that will determine the condition of how people relate
3.Ethnicity and the nation state
Dominant narratives
The state as site of ethnic/political struggle
Ethnicity in flux ethnicity is actually fluid and is made up and can be remade, often
chosen identification (people choose to identify with their ethnicity)
Edmund Leach. 1954. Political Systems of Highland Burma.
1.Shan lowland river valleys, irrigation rice agriculture
2.Kachin (people are subdivided) highland slash and burn rice cultivators 
Culturally they are all similar
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