ANTA02H3 Lecture Notes - Misogyny, Machismo, Cultural Relativism

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Published on 15 Apr 2013
ANTA02 Week 11 March 26, 2013
In Search of Respect: Race, Class and Gender & The Politics of Representation
Key Terms/ Themes
- Gender and the search for respect (Page, 143)
o Three pronged paragraph Structure vs agency
o They exercise their agency within the constraints of street culture; in doing so, men and
women reinforce structures they go against
- Women’s liberation or traditional femininity?
- Politics of Representation
- Applied Anthropology
- Nancy Scheper-Hughes
- Bourgois’s recommendations
- Since 1995 What has changed, what hasn’t and why? Who remains most vulnerable?
Gender and the Search for Respect
- The search for respect is also a search for a viable form of masculinity
o A masculinity that works and is sustainable that men can do and keep doing
- Marginalized urban men can’t replicate rural ideals of masculinity and family structure
o Ex. Jibaro
o Family Structure; Imagine themselves are Jibaros, working class patriarchs (men are sole
Street culture doesn’t work out for family structure
When they can’t support their family anymore because of street culture, they
would lash out on their family (wife and children)
- Street economy is misogynist, and glorifies sexual conquest, sex crimes, and paternal
o Men are put in vulnerable positions while they try to get manly respect and it doesn’t
work out
o They lash out at people to hide their vulnerability
o Search of Respect; gives a little and takes a lot away
- Street culture as denial of vulnerability
Women and the Search for Respect
- Gender is a relationship
- What structures constrain women’s lives?
o Liberating themselves, Having their own households
o Allowed them to think of themselves as agents instead of victims
o Candy; one of the few women he was able to spend lots of time with
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