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Lecture 7

ANTA02H3 Lecture 7: Week 7 Lecture Notes

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Maggie Cummings

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Week 7: Wrapping Up Feeding Desire
Key Terms/Names
o Susan Bordo
o body ideals and crystallization of culture
o 3 axes of continuity in Euro-American body ideals
The Dualist Axis
The Control Axis
The Gender/Power Axis
About your Feeding Desire assignment
o Due February 27th at noon
o Submit via Blackboard; no hard copy
o Include your last and first name in the file name
(i.e. Smith.John.FeedingDesire.docx)
o 3-5 pages (4-6); double-spaced, 12-pt font
o 1 inch margins
o max 1300 words
o ½ a page over is okay but not 3 pages over
o Times new roman
o Parenthetical, in-text citations
o 60/30/10 for Demonstrating my understanding of the Content/
Organization (format, citations)/Grammar
o AAA style
o (Popenoe 2004: 28) 28 = page number
o Next references can just be the page number (127), (169), etc.
Characteristics of an excellent paper
o Accurate and thorough
You understand what you’re writing about
Thoroughness is for length of paper and content on each page
(have an appropriate amount of citations in the paper for each
o Well-sourced
They refer closely back to the text
)t’s clear where you drew this idea from
o Balanced/fair
Remember that )’m writing in the pov of a native don’t insert
my own opinions as a student)
o Creative
A new way of thinking about a theory
o Mechanically correct
Punctuation, typos, spelling, grammar
o Well-written
How to cite properly
o Include a citation if:
You directly quote the author
find more resources at
find more resources at
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