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Lecture 3

ANTA02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Ampm, Toonie, Azawagh

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Maggie Cummings

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Lecture 3
Key terms/names
- Worldview; ritual, rites of passage
- Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf
- “Adamic” view of language
- Metaphors we live by (Lakoff and Johnson)
- Domains of experience
- Time as objectified and spatialized
- Benjamin Franklin
- Protestant work ethic; Max Weber
- Ritual (secular versus religious)
- Rites of passage: segregation, transition, integration
- Liminality and communitas
- Def: An encompassing picture of reality based on a set of shared assumptions
about how the works
- Multiple worldviews may coexist in a single culture, or a single worldview may
- Worldview is one thing that falls under culture
- Ex. different cultures share different view of reality
o Ancestors in some cultures: dead relatives (know their names, place of
burial) but won’t have any impact on our daily lives (aren’t real, won’t
talk to them, won’t influence our life)
o In some cultures, essential to daily life, just as real part of reality, we
interact w/ them, they help us make decisions, etc.
- Worldview highlights certain domains
- Ex. Drought in area bishop: “can pray to gods for rain but remember there
are other factors in play”,
Thinking about worldview: humans and weather
- Suffer a drought, both groups were trying to figure out what to do to deal w/
drought + how to make it rain
o Bima: rain is a gift from all-power Allah
Thus proper response to drought is to pray
o Dou Donggo: rain is part of the natural order of things, which can be
disrupted by mischievous spirits
Rain and rainy reason was just part of natural order, if world is
working as it should be, it’ll rain when it rains. Drought =
something messed up natural order of things aka mischievous
Make offerings to spirits, put out candy, gum, cigars, “take these
things and make it rain”
o When drought ended, but groups believed they proceeded in the right
o North America?
For us: have specialists to tell us what’s going to happen, but we
won’t make offerings, etc. won’t see rain caused by gods/ spirits
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