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Lecture 11

ANTA02H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Kehinde Wiley, Social Fact, Deindustrialization

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Maggie Cummings

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Lecture 11
Final Exam: Wednesday April 11th, 7-9PM
Key terms
- Structure vs. Agency
- Durkheim
- Injury vs. violence
- Injury as physical AND metaphorical
- Social isolation of urban neighbourhoods
- William Julius Wilson
- The Frae ad alternate frameworks for injury and violence
Agency vs. Structure
- Social identity, social roles determine much about our behaviour, beliefs, rights,
responsibilities, etc.
- But e are also idiiduals / free ill
- What is soiet? Astratio or olletio of individuals?
- Durkheim: Suicide (1897)
- Individuals tend to choose to act according to their social identity
- Agency: a choice
o The power of individuals to choose what to do, how to act, based on intention
(there must be alternatives in order to have agency)
o Must have alternatives/choices to choose fromin order for us to choose
- Structure: larger forces such as political economy, institutions, ideologies, etc.
o In RD: the choices available to people living in Eastwood
o Ideologies: racial thinking
- Its er iportat to athropologists to get the alae right.
o Dot at to pait people as eig puppets ith o free ill—not very
o Important in anthropology b/c we tend to study groups that are marginalized
Ex. Eastwood
Agency vs. structure:
- What is the significance of this debate for anthropological thought?
Thinking about poverty for example:
- Agency suggests people make poor choices
- But people also have agency to resist, manipulate or negotiate within structures
- Or, are the poor trapped by inescapable structures?
- Does structure constrain agency to the point that it is non-existent?
- All agency for poverty:
o Poor people make poor choices
- Dot at to oer priilege o the struture either
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