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12 Apr 2012
ANTA02 Lecture 7/Week 8 3/3/2012 1:48:00 PM
When citing (Popenoe 2004:100) this in text citation should be the way
to go.
If you are only citing from this one source, you can just start cite the
page number after fully citing the first time.
Metaphor of crystallization is on page 189
It is the physical and visible aspects of the cultural values of logics of the
Azawagh Arabs. Each value sustains each other w/o the Arabs thinking
about it.
Each value relates to another that eventually is brought together in which
goes in full circle to support the entire culture.
Crystallization in science is the creation of a hardened substance through
the heat of water on a Bunsen burner being mixed with sugar. The
metaphor relates as all cultural aspects of the Azawagh’s are brought
together to create the fatness as beauty among the Azawagh Arabs.
By pushing the western logics into anorexia, the crystallization of the
problems of our cultural values are seen.
Why is thinness beautiful? What is beautiful about it?
Euro-Americans find bodies problematic in some ways.
Our fear of a loss of control over our bodies has become more prevalent
Relation to women gaining power and thinness.
Axes of continuity relates to how our cultural values allow the continuity
of it.
Dualist Axis Mind Vs. Body (Listening to the mind over the body to
reach ‘beauty’)
Control Axis - controlling the body vs. technology (everything else)
It’s ‘good’ and ‘easier’ to control the body vs. everything else in life.
Gender/Power Axis Why does thinness affect women rather than men?
It affects women due to control. Women/femininity has been related to
the body and emotions and for that reason it overlaps with the control
axis. Men/Masculinity has been related to the mind and rationality and for
that reason it also overlaps with the control axis.
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