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Maggie Cummings

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Anthropology March 1
Lecture 7
Crystallization how cultural logics come together in cultural values crystallized into a
highly visible form seen in the fattened body.
C.V+C.L. Made seen/visible or touchable in the fat body (body ideals)
Susan BordoPopenoe took this crystallization metaphor from Bordo (who talked about
crystallization in North America’s slim body/body ideals in North American culture)/
Crystallization suggests why these bodies ideals becomes so salient so alive in
different cultures the body ideals of a culture affects the people so much.
To easy to blame the media. When we see images we realize automatically that these
women are seen as “beautiful
Susan Bordo-Anorexic body brings together are values in a visible way. How they can be
problematic, instead of just showing our values in them.
Bordocritiques how anorexia is a symbolic critique of our society and culture
You can read the anorexic body symbolically as a form of PROTEST
explicitly trying to get beyond slimness/anorexia a FASHION
Its not justfashion” we have to go beyond the ‘media telling us thinness=good
3 issues she talks about:
1)history and culturally we don’t live bodies (we value mind over body)
2) Our fear of loss of control of our body in the future
3) Shifting gender relations, giving women more power
*key cultural affecting out norms about our bodies
After looking at these we can see the other issues in the world.
Axis of continuity (bodily building)
Dualist axis what’s wrong with bodies? She looks at the historical dualism(the mind
and body differ from each other) Mind has been valued over the body. Body is just there
along for the “ride.
A characteristics of this mind/body seen in anorexia: Body is alien. Mind out there.
Body is limitation/confinement
We think of our bodies as limitations, hold (if only I was taller, more girls would like me)
Body as the enemy. We need to
attach and control it ( mp fat, no thin, not hairy)
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