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Wrapping Up In Search of Respect

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Maggie Cummings

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Lecture Nine: In Search of Respect - March 29, 2011
Main arguments in In Search of Respect
1.Yes they are victims, but they dont just accept it
2.To counter their victimization they embrace street culture and the
underground economy
3.By doing this (exercizing agency within structural constraints) they end up
destroying themselves, friends, communities, and reinforcing these social
Gender and the search for respect
Respect is a viable form of masculinity
Marginalized urban men cant replicate rural ideals of masculinity and family
oCan't replicate it through the service industry, so they turn to drug
Sexual violence and paternal abandonment, as well as misogynistic practices
are almost ambivalent and common-place
These norms act as a denial of vulnerability
What does this mean for women?
Gender is a relationship
Women who's men are involved in street culture are also fighting for
autonomy and rights, carving out a place for themselves in the public domain,
while at the same time trying to maintain traditional households.
While there are many instances of gender segregation (interactions between
men and women were either familial or sexually charged) but there are instances
of individuals crossing the lines
Candy's story
oShoots her husband for cheating on her
oGoes to the hospital and they say some black guy shot him
oHer husband ends up getting sent to jail for a drug charge
oCandy then is the owner of the Gameroom, but sells the rights to the
Gameroom for Ray for $3000
oBurns through the money fast and has no money so she goes to Ray
and he hires her to sell crack on the night shift
oFalls in love with Primo and they have an affair; end up having a very
bad brake up
oDecides this is bad for her family, sorts out her social insurance
numbers, and goes back on welfare
oHer husband gets out of jail, the grandfather moves out so they can't
afford the apartment
oCandy looks for a 'real' job, and until then she sells cocaine
oGoes to court, borrows money to buy a new outfit for court; buys a skin
tight red jumpsuit
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