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Feeding Desire

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Maggie Cummings

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Assignment 2:
Name: Kamielle Grant
Student #: 996126749
Course: ANTA02
Professor: Maggie Cummings
Date: March 3, 2011
In western culture women are consumed by the idea of being beautiful and will go
to great lengths to achieve the beauty they have learned from the media. In countries
such as the United States and Canada, beauty is defined by women who are slender and
who wear fashionable clothes and makeup. These images are shown and presented in TV
shows, magazines, movies, and many other forms of media.
In the book Feeding Desire by Rebecca Popenoe, she discusses her ethnographic
fieldwork where she studied the Azawagh Arabs in Niger. She focuses on the beauty
ideals of the women in this society and how they achieve these ideals. In her book she
states,What fattening does is make a woman an appropriate object of desire (Popenoe
2004: 197). In this paper I will discuss how Popenoe came to this conclusion using the
main points in her book.
Much like in western culture, women in the Azawagh Arab community also go to
great lengths to achieve beauty. The difference is that beauty is defined as being
overweight. The more overweight the better. There are attributes that go along with
being overweight such as stretch marks which are goals women seek when fattening.
In this culture women go through a fattening process after they have lost their first
two teeth. Since they do not keep ages this is a sign of a young girl’s maturity. The
fattening process has been going on in this culture for many years and it is something that

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Assignment 2: FEEDING DESIRE Name: Kamielle Grant Student #: 996126749
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