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Week 1 – January 10
-As a concept both the compress ion of the world and the intensification of consciousness
about the world as a whole – Roland Robertson
-World getting smaller
-It has radically transfor med our lives
-Assumes the world being compressed in some ways
-Easier connections, mobility, f low
Some common assumptions of Globalization
-Dissolving bar r iers like time and distance 9technological developments such as internet)
-Makes political borders increasingly irrelevant 9increaded movements and f lows through
global migration/transnational capital)
-Hybridization of cultures and more mixing
-Intensification of connections and our increasing conscious ness of this development
-Rise of the free market economy (more neo-liberal policies and less trade bar r iers)
-Since end of cold war one market everyone shares and in t hat one market theres been a
move toward pr ivat ization, and be free and not be controlled too much, less trade barr iers
between countries, groups that are in transactions with each other
Space-time Compression and Stretching of social life across time and space:
-Space shrinks and time being compression, labour is not linked to sites of product ion but
has become more f lexible, it can be outsourced(work at home), sub contracted(call
centres), reduces t he time of capital
-Anthony Giddens: stretching of social life of time and space, dont need to have face to
face encounters, ways of being social are not the same, no longer same social beings
Globalists versus Sceptics
-Created a new way of being, social life in a new way
Is globalization Something...
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