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Lecture 1

ANTB20H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: System On A Chip, Deterritorialization, The Beach Boys

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Girish Daswani

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ANTB20 - Week 3 The Politics of Livelihood and the
Culture of Politics1
Organizations like IMF and World Bank disable governments in governing the welfare of
their people
*Imagined Community: about the entire globe; people we haven’t even met before
-imagined world is constructed by us and becomes extern. to us too  once extern. has a life
of its own
Tourist Resorts
-What do these pictures promise? What do these same pictures hide? What is behind the
-the hierarchy within the space; the country: only beachluxury, sun, sand; people/natives;
*there was displacement of people in order for resorts to be built
*control can be internal: beaches occupied by Ghanian “propieters”  payment for use of space
owned by the proprietors
-an illegal tour guide (*resourceful; a part of the industry but still illegal)
-“You see all this shit? ...It does nothing for the country. It’s only a mirror on the other side.
And the devil is on the other side.” (p. 3)
-Death, you in the mirror, not knowing what you’re doing to these people
-Gregory’s interp.: seductive lure to the commodities (what’s being advertised); but the
other side to the pic. is that the only people who can benefit from these commodities are those
who own these companies/the rich
-you all you see is what you desire but what you don’t see is your own exploitation and
the exploitation of others
*laws there are in place to protect wildlife and nature: we are being eco-friendly
Dissonance between transnat. capital promises and what it delivers
-few benefit, many don’t
-Good about the Glob.: mobility, moving beyond boundaries
-Bad about the Glob.: people are fixed in space within boundaries
-Nightmare” face of globalization (above)
How do working people resp. to, interp. and experience these changes  what anthro.
tries to do
*what Gregory’s book is about
Deterritorialization is Exaggerated
-a lot of theories give less imp. on place-based/ spatial politics; forget what is going on within
borders by focusing on across-borders
-Glob.: limits others’ access to travel
“Division of Labour”
-those who own capital; those who work for those who own capital
-not just two divisions
-we forget about those who cannot get employed: based on race/look, identification papers
Beach Resorts
-Water Sports -Beach Boys
-Excess of Food -Exploitation/Natives
-Isolated Space; Safer on the resort -Economic Divisions
-Cultural Segregation e.g. two different
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