Lecture 4

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27 Feb 2011

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Trans- Nationalism and Imagined Communities
Idea of homeland constructed through a revolt, revolution, and rebellion
Forms of interaction, and communication and ideas that cross the borders
Assumption: why globalization is something so new, and the flaws cannot be
tracked, and politics
Nation-state revisit the general assumption
oNation- state more important in managing the global flow
oVery popular term that has been used in the social sciences
oAs something that has not been there before, technological and kind of
oI imagined the community of how we conceptualize the transnation
Possibly nation state is not the only mean in which we talk about
Go through the general assumption
Think about all sorts of things (on slide)
Sometimes states or nations are identified, and speak about people who come from
different nations as a citizen
oAll belong to different cultural ethnic groups
oHas border than become dependers or dependable
oPart of the nation state- linked to our own personal biography
oMission state never really exisited to the mid 20 centuries
oWhat we see as the world now, all the borders used to divide countries
Constructed in the sense that they have only emerged of the last 50-60
oSpeak about boundaries, people who are included and excluded, and stages as
a part of that state
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